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Self-Breast Massage Routine

Doing this routine every day can promote healthier breast tissue
Suntide- by James Currie
Place your finger tips in the hollows just above your collar bones
(if you shrug your shoulders the area will become evident)
Gently traction (pull & stretch) the skin downwards towards your collar bones
10 X to 15 X  -  more if the area feels tight and dense (congested).

Put your LEFT hand behind your head, (or up in the air) and with your RIGHT hand grasp the area between your armpit and collarbone (pectoralis muscle). 
Gently squeeze your pectoralis muscle on the LEFT side
10X to 15 X -   more if sore or congested
Repeat on the RIGHT side

Place your hands underneath your breasts and cup them in your hands
then push them upwards and inwards towards your chest and angle towards the same side shoulder, and release.

(similar motion as when using a breast pump).
Repeat 10 X

Take your LEFT breast in both hands and gently move in all directions.  Ending again by pumping towards your shoulder. 
Make sure to move ALL of the Breast Tissue.
Repeat on RIGHT side.

Finish with a gentle pump to both breasts.

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