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Offers lingerie, swimwear, and breast forms for women who have undergone breast surgery, mastectomy, or breast reconstruction.



AnaOno LLC

Offers lingerie, swimwear, and loungewear made for women with breast cancer by women with breast cancer, including breast reconstruction, breast surgery, mastectomy, or are living with other conditions that cause pain or discomfort.



The Busted Tank®️

A modern mastectomy clothing company with no broadband elastic offering uniquely-pocketed mastectomy garments and Interchangeable bilateral breast form prostheses.



Complete Shaping®️

If you’re a breast cancer survivor who has had a bilateral or double mastectomy surgery without reconstruction, you know that finding fashionable, comfortable apparel is no easy task. Now you have options. Designed by a woman who also has had a double mastectomy, Complete Shaping’s innovative patented mastectomy clothing has no binding or restrictive elastics along the bra line that can irritate mastectomy or lymphadenectomy scars. There is no tight band across the chest—a precaution against the heightened lymphedema risk—just soft, smooth fabric against the skin and scarred areas. Plus, the ultra lightweight breast prosthetics won’t weigh you down.



The Dain Shoppe

Offers a full line of services for breast surgery patients, including lingerie, swimsuits, and breast forms.



Everviolet ®

Everviolet is a beautiful lingerie and loungewear collection nurturing changes in a woman’s body following treatment for breast cancer and other meaningful life events. Designed by a breast cancer thriver, Everviolet’s adaptive garments accommodate sensitivities and limitations resulting from a range of illnesses, surgeries and body-altering phases of life. #beautyofchange

Lingerie and Clothing Following Breast Surgery

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