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Breast Health Class

This is a fun interactive class, with the goal of teaching about Breast Health, the importance of self-exams, risk factors, 12 signs of breast cancer and screening options.  We take the taboo out and teach you skills of self empowerment.


What is Cancer

We explain what cancer is.

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All about the Breast

We talk about the development of the breast and what the breast are made up of.  Explaining about Milk ducts, Lymph nodes and types of breasts tissue.

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Risk Factors

Do you know what your risk factors are?  Here we explain what could put you into a higher risk category for developing breast cancer.  This does not mean you will get breast cancer.

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12 Signs of Breast Cancer

How many of the 12 Signs of breast cancer do you know?  We will explain what each is and what to do should you suspect you have one.

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Screening and Breast Tests

There are different screening methods and breast tests.  Here we break them down into six, explaining when and why each is done. 

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Useful Tools

This part of the class is open for discussion, questions, testimony and fun cool apps and even a dance.

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